Werner Fischer

Business Model Expert / University Relations Expert

I am a German Master's graduate in technology management. Having written my master thesis on Co-Innovation and Open Innovation, I developed an admiration for the Open Innovation paradigm along with Professor Henry Chesbrough, the father of Open Innovation and wanted to learn more about it – especially in the context of sustainability. While exploring overseas universities offering courses that align with my vision, I came across UC Berkeley’s course offered by Professor Solomon Darwin on building Smart Villages – leveraging Open Innovation. This course, aligned with my area of interest and it was a perfect fit as I always wanted to make career in the field of sustainability of our planet. This course changed the direction of my life. Professor Darwin is a visionary who greatly inspired me. I wished to be a part of this project because it connected every dot perfectly. Seeing my passion for this subject, he invited me to join the Smart Village project in India as director of research. I didn’t hesitate one second since a dream came true for me. During this project I was involved in Open innovation research and I enjoyed working on-ground by bringing in national and international companies and consulting them. Ultimately, I developed a manual for building smart villages and helped Professor Darwin with his 2nd Harvard Case study that would be published by California Management Review case series at Berkeley. Gaining so much experience and tacit knowledge on this subject, I would like to continue to support and stay very involved in this most relevant movement that was started at UC Berkeley.