Venkata Krishna

Healthcare Expert

I always believed that Education can alone change the life of any individual, community or even a country. After my two years of fun filled and extremely satisfying stint as a fellow in Teach For India I wanted to explore what are the other ways that I can educate people and get educated as well. This role as a research fellow of Smart Villages with Prof Darwin was an exact fit for that, where I do not just educate people on advanced technologies in various sectors but also get educated. I was asked to look after the operations of Kaikaluru Assembly Constituency. The then Health Minister was elected from here, so we’ve decided that I’ll be taking care of Health Sector as well. The idea of the healthcare model started with the question, is it possible for the remaining 20% of the doctors to address the needs of 72% of the Indian population that lives in rural setting? As we started interacting with villagers and local politicians we noticed the seriousness of the bad situation in the Indian health sector.

We came to an understanding that this can only be achieved by strengthening the existing system by equipping the rural healthcare workers with advanced technologies and imparting knowledge and skills needed to leverage on technological advancements from the healthcare Industry.

Our journey began, and it showed me what innovative ways along with technology can achieve to benefit society. Through this experience, I have learned a lot and acquired a confidence that will help me work in multiple areas of expertise. I had exclusive access to government officials and ministers which has primed my professional persona. The international attention the project brought also exposed me to several different work cultures and increased my ability to adapt according to the situations I am placed in.

I worked primarily in healthcare and through my hours of research and on the ground experiences and field visits, I have been advising the project and corporate executives on how to tackle issues plaguing Andhra Pradesh through existing channels and new innovations. Ultimately this has given me a growth spurt in professionalism and expertise that I would like to be utilized in taking this work forward to further this mission.