Teja R.P

District Director

I had been working as a manager in a corporate job for a few years after my graduation. Day in and day out, everything was corporate, and I was simply unsatisfied with the 9-5 culture I was living in. I had to find something better to do with my life. One day my best friend, Prashanth, called me while I was on my way from Vizag to Hyderabad with just 50 kilometers left of a 600-kilometer journey. He explained about UC Berkeley Smart Villages project which he just started to volunteer at I pulled over a side of the road to listen to him carefully. I was very impressed with the Idea of how this innovative approach could reprise my motivation. I turned around and drove all the way back towards the east coast of Andhra Pradesh to make the interview. Following a location on Google Maps, I started to Mori. I followed the digital maps towards this job and never looked back.

At first, I worked to organize a Hackathon that had to be UC Berkeley caliber. I coordinated with 400 students to bring together young, innovative minds so that together we could tackle issues that the rural world faces. After the hackathon was over, I worked on a concept called Professional Development Center which attempts to reach rural, uneducated youth to learn a vocational trade and find job placement. I juggled 19 different corporations to make this successful. We then handed over this center to the government so that they can take the initiative forward. Now I work as a District Coordinator making sure we have ground implementation, data collection, and good relations with local leaders. These jobs have given me a vast collection of experiences each teaching me new skills. More importantly, these jobs have taught me adaptability and how to innovate truly, and I look forward to contributing to this work in the future.