Lakshmi Sravani

Education Expert

Growing up I have experienced both sides of the coin which made me believe that empathy is as important than sympathy, so I attended different volunteer meets and took membership in few NGOs to serve the society to my best, with this continuous effort I become a team lead of an education-focused NGO named WE CAN. After completing my graduation, I thought of taking up courses in the Development management. But fortunately, I came to know that the Berkeley Andhra Smart village’s project is hiring young graduates who had the passion to serve the villages. I was very much attracted by the JD and I start researching about the project then I came to know few interesting points that Mori is the first smart village in Andhra Pradesh and this was achieved under the leadership of visionary leader Professor Solomon Darwin in Phase 1 who was born in the same village. I felt that this is the best job and the best fit with the expertise I had. Initially, I applied for a post of Mandal Director.

After a short wait, I received two interview calls from Smart Villages team and cleared the first two rounds. I was invited to Mori for the final round of Interviews. I was happy at that point and made plans to visit Mori in next few weeks for the final round. All of a sudden around 7:00 pm in the evening I received a call from Smart Villages team saying that I had been selected as a core team member and if I want to take the opportunity I needed to be in Mori (which is 300 km far away) by 3:00 am the next morning. I was anxious because it was so sudden and I did not even know how to reach Mori at that late hour. Plus my parents were not comfortable sending me to Mori that late. By some way or another I convinced my parents and started to Mori, catching the last bus that night.

After all these struggles, I made it to Mori by 3:00 am in the morning, and I was warmly received by the Smart Village team when they picked me up from the bus. This one random and unexpected incident changed my whole life. I work with various government officials, elected officials and district magistrates in showcasing various educational systems for learning. I was working with Silicon Valley and Indian start-ups that have great offerings. I found through pivoting exercises that both kids and adults learn fast with access to digital tools. In the future, I would like to contribute my time and knowledge in developing digital education systems in my country with all the experience I have acquired from my work at Smart Village project.