Rajasekhar Malireddy

Software Engineer

I am a programmer and coder and had many opportunities in cities to work in very lucrative positions. With the budding knowledge, I worked my whole final year of engineering for the AP GOVT under the category of the internship. After this internship works, I got introduced to Smart village team due to because of the talent that I had in the aspects of Web site development and app development on DATA analysis. Upon meeting the smart village team and seeing their level of energy and passion toward this great project, I decided to join. My interactions with Professor Darwin when we were at the initial step of the smart village made me more enthusiastic about of this project. I decided to move from a city to the Mori village that felt like no sacrifice at all as I was with a great team which made all the difference.

Being a part of the Smart Village team, I have developed an official website for the project, conducted many surveys for Research also created the dashboard of the project analysis of the surveyed data. Designed a village footprint for all the 472 villages. The work experiences made me build several applications for the rural people. I have learned so many things beyond programming like business model innovation concepts and learning how start-ups and mature companies think. By working on this project, I have gained the confidence to help in social welfare related projects which I desire to do with my life to help people