Shavan Michael Y.

Rural Entrepreneurship Expert

While working for India’s biggest e-commerce company, Flipkart as an Executive, I realized that I needed to do something more meaningful in life. When Professor Darwin invited me to work with him for Smart Villages, it was a very easy decision for me to quit my job and join this revolution. Any project needs the passion and perseverance of its participants to succeed. I see myself as a great match for the project. I am a curious, persistent and dependable person who is eager to broaden his horizons and devote a reasonable amount of time to the work. I am optimistic that the project will benefit from my contributions as much as I will benefit from the project. I also believe in a simple principle described by Professor Darwin called “Time Bound and People Bound’ – Really Makes Things Happen!”

Through this incredible journey, I have discovered that I have been living in a closet for too long because this experience has opened a new world to me. I was put in the leadership position for East Godavari and closely worked with the East Godavari Collector. I managed a team of young innovators who are eager to implement technologies in villages. I also worked for the safety and security vertical in the project and was the go-to man for logistics and local expertise on the subject as well as for the project. This experience has built up a confidence in me to consult and advise people. I have lived my life receiving from people, and now I can give what I have for my community