Marina Panggeng

Regional Associate

I am an independent management research professional and social entrepreneur with academic and professional interests in financial engineering ,renewable energy ,education and ethical policy making.

My interest in protean and boundaryless careers is reflected in my choice of formal and informal education - computer science engineering from Mysore University ,MBA in Power Management from NPTI Faridabad ,PGDM from IIM Shillong and LLB from CCSU,UP and other multi-disciplinary courses including Environment Law from NLSIU Bangalore ,Small Hydropower Development from IIT Roorkee ,Corporate Law and Digital Marketing from NTU ,Singapore.

Life is the biggest university that we are all enrolled in and the pursuit of excellence in being and doing is an ongoing mission and lesson. I love the forests, landscape and wildlife photography,playing piano ,singing ,cooking ,travelling ,watching movies ,reading and writing.

SVM provides the perfect opportunity in terms of platform ,structure and organisational mission for my protean mindset to be creative and innovative in using skills and knowledge to contribute towards nation building.