Harshadeep Katamaneni

Agriculture Expert

When I was busy at work one day Shreya called me and asked whether I would be interested to join the Smart Village Project, for which I couldn’t say no, and after a couple of hours I heard a strong voice saying “Hi, Harsha” it was professor and after talking to him I felt like I should join this project and for the first time I heard a line from him which he always says to me “Let’s make it Happen” this one line from professor motivates me every day to forget all my problems and make it happen.

My family was not at all happy with my decision they didn’t even talk to me for a week until I visited them personally and talked to them about the project. Everyone whom I talked to about the project felt this will not happen in India for which I just smiled at them. During this project, I worked with various agro companies and Silicon Valley startups and played an instrumental role in deploying their technology on the ground. I intend to continue adding value to my rural people in India, making the best use of the expertise I developed from this project.