Arun Sharma

Business Model Expert | Data Scientist

I am from Delhi, and my family wanted me to pursue the path that they have chosen for me. A year ago, I was all set to live my dream of becoming a professional coder at 42 Coding University in Paris, France, when I got to know about the Smart Village project through one of my acquaintances. It didn’t take me a second thought about cancelling my plane ticket to pursue my higher education in Paris. I was fascinated with the vision of the project and the meaningful work Professor Solomon Darwin is doing.

During my first visit to Mori, I realized that the learnings and opportunities to grow in this project are unfettered. I had a tough time convincing my parents, getting my father’s approval proved difficult. His disagreement with my decision had a debilitating effect on my morale, but my passion and admiration for this project got me here. I work here developed my professional acumen, and its benevolent mission is the whole reason for my closeness to this project. During the time here, I learnt the joy of giving back to society. During the course of this project, I worked as an open innovation researcher, consulted several multinationals on business model innovation taking advantage of my data analytics skill. The knowledge acquired throughout this project will help me bring a change, I wish to see in the world. I would love to continue bringing in sustainable development building upon the concepts of Open Innovation and Co-innovation. I would like to thank Professor Darwin for giving me an opportunity to contribute in changing lives by building people.