Swapnil Kesarwani

Regional Associate

Born and brought up in a family where empathy was highly encouraged especially by my mother, my thoughts were always moulded towards contributing to a larger good. After completing my graduation in Engineering, I decided to opt for an unconventional choice of work by working in an Educational Startup promoting maths and science knowledge and providing kids from rural India a fair chance to compete and get enrolled in the best Institutes around the world.

Through a couple of internships and workshops in the rural and public policy space, I understood the need to empower the villages of India so as to have a holistic growth, which will help in the economic development of the country and ultimately strengthen the nation building process. My interactions with various state officials and visits to government schools showed me the enormous amount of work needed in the education sector.

After going through Professor Darwin’s life story and interacting with all the team members it became very clear to me that this organisation could potentially have a positive impact on the people. The concepts of collaboration, co-innovation and empowering the rural people to access global markets struck me and finally I decided to be a part of this family. I look forward to work towards nation building and to put my best efforts towards it.