Rubu Tade

Regional Associate

As a student, I visited many villages for my practicals and wondered why we only study the existing schemes, cultivating methods and the pain points in the villages and why we arenít able to solve it. As I was thinking about this, I got a notification from the Smart Village Movement in social media and was confused as to what it is. I applied because I wanted to know what smart village is and how it works. One day Harshadeep from the team called me and asked whether I wanted to come for the training cum screening process for Smart Village Movement. I didn't have second thoughts and I said yes!

Though I was late for the first day of training, the team was welcoming and we had a good introduction session. When they started explaining about SVM, I was surprised! This is what I wanted to do since my college days; working for villages instead of just knowing about the existing government programs. And yes, the organisation also collaborates with government departments and corporates which makes the work all the more interesting. When we talked to Prof. Solomon Darwin and Ambassador Ashok they motivated us so much that today I am here in the Smart Village Movement!