Kenny Ete

Regional Associate

One fine morning while reading the newspaper, I saw an advertisement from Smart Village Movement calling for interested people to join their organisation. Initially, I thought that this is a parallel government project like Smart Cities. But curiosity had me searching the web about this organisation and I am really grateful that I did. Reading Prof. Darwinís blog and the vision that he has for this organisation was one of the prime reasons for me to come onboard.

Having a degree in Political Science and International Relations from Kingís College London, I have always been interested and passionate about Public policy and decision making. It was almost a no-brainer for me to join Smart Village Movement since it deals with socio-economic empowerment of people who actually need it i.e. the villagers. I have always believed, though many do not agree with me that socio-economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sound political development of the masses, especially in a democratic country like ours.

The challenges of this movement are not simple, the solutions far more complex but with the vision and guidance of Prof. Darwin, the support of an able team and reliance on passionate colleagues, I know that we will be successful in our goliath task ahead. In the end, itís all about the smile and happiness that we envision to bring to the villages.