Debabrata Saha

Regional Associate

I am a development sector professional who believes in the importance of a Mind, Body and Spirit Approach to working in this sector. My work with corporates taught me how to perceive and execute projects while my time at West Bengal University of Technology which mostly had a flipped classroom method of teaching developed in me ‘Analytical’ and ‘Reflection’ skills. At Gandhi Fellowship, I consolidated these learnings into my work; creating strategies and working on the ground-level implementation of projects that serve as the foundation of the pyramid. With the sole motive to unlearn, I unearthed pressing grassroot challenges which challenged my perceptions, chiselled my disposition and made me a much more sensitized human. I hope to practise the above-mentioned values and skill-sets in future, endeavouring to co-exist and continue with the journey of self-evolution.

My enthusiasm for being a change agent for our country stems from my interest in working with underprivileged youth and communities and my desire to make full use of my skills for leading and motivating people to make a difference. My experience of working with school-community systems and my family background in business helped me find my specific areas of interest in education, livelihood and manufacturing. I joined Smart Village Movement because it would not only give me an opportunity to work with an excellent cohort but would also nurture my interest areas; this makes the job-role exciting. It helps me put together two things- my interest in operations management and my learning from both the corporate world and the Indian education system. I believe that the learning and insights from both these worlds have enabled me to become more sensitive and to deploy customized integrative approach to achieve targets and design appropriate interventions on time.